critical source presentation

The regularly scheduled critical source presentations will form the basis of class discussion on Thursdays. Students have 20 points to earn in this category, 10 awarded on an individual basis and 10 collaborative (if applicable).

As with the primary source presentations, critical source presentations must be loaded in the Google Drive by 11:59pm on day before the assigned date we begin discussion of the critical texts. Include the following elements in the shared document:
  • 100-word summaries of the one or two critical works included on our discussion list for the day
  • a series of at least 10 probing questions about the each text to generate class discussion
Presenters will be responsible for managing and maintaining class discussion, at least for the first hour. Presentation groups have been distributed via email.

The individual portion of this assignment will require students to submit 100- and 500-word summaries on one of the critical sources under consideration by their group. These summaries should be posted in the Google Drive by 11:59 p.m. on the Sunday following the in-class presentation.

  • All sources must be properly cited using a modified MLA format. Footnotes are allowed when necessary.
  • Students are encouraged when working collaboratively to keep good notes on their contributions to the project. These notes will assist in the assessment.